What Happens During a Pad Site Preparation?

A strong foundation is the best way to start any construction project. Often, a site will need to be cleared and excavated before a new build begins in order to prepare the land. However, this isn’t the end of the preparation process! During a pad site preparation, the final touches are put on your build site so construction can begin. Below, we will explain what happens during a pad site preparation so you can be prepared for your project.

Types of Site Preparation

Every building site is different, so no two site preparations are the same. For some projects, excavation will be a long process that involves grubbing (the removal of brush and trees). Sometimes soil analysis or drainage system installments are also necessary.

The Importance of a Building Pad

A building pad is the last thing your site will need before construction can start. A building pad is the area of compacted ground that is ready for your project. This pad can be made of either native soil or fill dirt. Our team can complete your building pad as a part of your site preparation.

When you work with Texas Superior Services for your pad site preparation, you are working with experts in the industry. Our construction teams are here to get your site ready for construction. Give us a call at 281-204-7862 to get started.