Upgrade Your Space With a Kitchen Bump Out

Are you dealing with a kitchen that is too small? A kitchen is often a gathering place for the entire family. However, small kitchens can feel cramped and can also create a stressful environment for cooking and baking. A kitchen bump-out is a great way to increase your kitchen space without the time and money needed for a full-scale renovation. Below, we will explain why you should consider this upgrade.

What is a Bump Out?

A bump-out is a type of home addition that extends one wall to provide additional square footage in a room. Sometimes, a bump-out can extend more than one wall. This renovation does not change the layout or key features of the room. Rather, it simply adds more space. This means that bump-outs tend to be more affordable than large-scale renovations. They also take less time to complete.

Small Changes Make Big Differences

A few extra feet might not seem like a big difference. However, even a little bit of additional space can change the feel of your kitchen. Bump outs can extend the room so that a breakfast nook or additional kitchen table can be added, making it easier for your family to eat together. They can also add much-needed storage space or kitchen prep areas. These will make the space far more functional.

Increase Your Home Value

Bump outs can increase your home value by adding additional space and storage. Additionally, the bump-out can make your space look more attractive to potential buyers. It’s a relatively small investment that can have a big pay-off in the future.

Kitchen Renovations in Texas

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