What Are Some General Plumbing Rules You Should Not Forget?

Did you know that there are some general rules for plumbing tips you should not forget?

  • The hot tap is on the left, and the cold tap is on the right.
  • The water pressure should lower by one psi for every two feet of building height.
  • Every drainage fixture unit is equal to 7½ gallons.
  • Start with understanding fixtures first and then plumbing.
  • You should install vent pipes for sewage.

The Pied Piper is known for saving Europe from dysentery, typhoid, and cholera and getting rid of rats. But did you know that plumbers were the real heroes? Plumbing gave way for the sewage and standing waters where rats got attracted.

What Does It Mean By General Plumbing?

General plumbing can include simple activities, from repairing a leaking faucet to unclogging your kitchen sink. From replacing your toilet to doing a complete bathroom remodel.

No matter what activity you do, you must remember that the number one rule is to know what you are doing. If you know what you are doing and plan it properly, it can help you save you from developing expensive and time-consuming problems.

What Are Some Rules You Should Follow?

  • Rule Number 1 – Start With A Good Plan: Always have a proper plan and all possibilities before you begin working on a project. You should include a detailed drawing that can give you an idea of the supplies you require for this repair. Also, prepare a list of all the tools you need for your project. If you are looking to outsource the project, make sure the plan should be readable by the contractor. Also, make sure you are clear on timelines.
  • Rule Number 2 – Know The Code: You should know the plumbing code because it keeps the building occupants safe. If there isn’t adequate plumbing ventillation and if there is standing water, there are chances people can get sick.
  • Rule Number 3 – Is There Proper Venting: You can face problems if there is no proper ventilation. Drainage pipes for downhill, but if your vent pipe is far from your drainpipe, it can cause a vacuum, and stuff will not go downhill. If you have the right vent pipe, it will break the vacuum, and the stuff can drain properly.
  • Rule Number 4 – Use A Shutoff Valve: There is always a shutoff valve near a faucet or fixture. You should always do a leak test and make sure you do not overtighten the connectors.

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