How a Commercial Renovation Can Make Your Office Safer

Safety has always been a top concern for most business owners. However, recent events mean that workplace safety is now more important than ever. Your business might be taking new safety measures in light of COVID-19. Consider a commercial renovation to increase safety in your business, too. You will be surprised how effective a simple construction fix can be! Below are a few renovation projects that can boost safety in your office.

Make Spaces Easier to Clean

Regular cleaning is perhaps the most effective way to reduce the spread of germs. However, some surfaces can be difficult to clean. During a renovation, you can choose countertops, flooring, and windows that easily wipe down. You can also choose more durable materials that will stand up to numerous washings over time.

Improve Air Circulation

Improving air circulation is another way to prevent viruses from spreading. Consider adding more windows or updating your central air systems. A contractor can assess your property and help you choose the best way to boos air flow.

Add Additional Sinks

Adding additional sinks or hand washing stations can keep employees safe. This is especially important in certain industrial settings. We can reroute plumbing lines to easily accommodate for more sinks.

Make Social Distancing Easier

Social distancing has become quite the buzzword lately. However, we now have the data to know that social distancing works. A renovation allows you to rework your office space, making it easier for coworkers to spread out. We can help create a workplace that allows for social distancing while still promoting teamwork.

Choosing a Customized Commercial Renovation

Of course, every workplace will have different needs. Call a contractor to discuss the exact safety measures that can help your commercial space be as safe as possible. Texas Superior Services makes it easy. Our contractors and crew members all coordinate with one another to get the job done right. Call today to learn more.

5 Signs It’s Time to Renovate Your Floors

Flooring is an often-overlooked home detail. While it might be obvious when other features need renovating, the floors can be left out. So how do you know when it’s time for an upgrade? In this article, we will give you 5 common reasons to renovate your floors.

1- There is Visible Wear and Tear

This is probably the most obvious sign. Simply using your floors will eventually lead to minor damage. While minor scratches are easy to work around, floors with extensive damage should be replaced.

2- Your Current Floors Get Scuffed Easily

Of course, damage is bound to happen over time. But if your floors get damaged easily, then you might consider a different flooring material. Replacing your floors with a scratch-resistant material like laminate will prevent future damage.

3- There is Water Damage

If your flooring has water damage, then it is important to act quickly. Water damage can affect the structural integrity of your property. Have a contractor check your sub-flooring for hidden damage before replacing the planks above.

4- You Are Renovating Other Areas

If you are renovating a room, then consider replacing the flooring along with your furniture, windows, or doors. New flooring can complement other renovations and create a cohesive look. Plus, it is often easier to replace floors during other construction projects. You will only need to remove furniture once!

5- It’s Time for a Style Makeover

However, you don’t need to wait for another renovation project to update your floors. New flooring can make a huge difference on its own. Talk with a contractor to learn how you can update the whole look of a space when you renovate the floors.

Residential and Commercial Construction in Houston

If you need new flooring, then it’s time to call Texas Superior Services. We can easily renovate any area in your home or office. Request a quote online today. We will help you choose the best flooring option for your style and budget.

What is a Pole Barn- And Should You Build One?

A pole barn can be a great addition to your property. However, many homeowners don’t even know about this option. These structures are easy to build and relatively inexpensive. Plus, they look very impressive. Below, you will learn more about pole barns so you can decide if you should build one.

What is a Pole Barn

A pole barn is a building that is created using sturdy poles as the basis of its foundation. These poles are quicker and easier to install than other types of foundations. They are also much cheaper, saving you money on your construction project. Historically, pole barns have been used during tough times like the Great Depression. However, modern builders love the look and practicality of these buildings.

Pole Barn Benefits

Of course, homeowners love the affordability of pole barns. But there are other great benefits to these barns as well. They are quick to install and are also easy to insulate. Pole barns are also very versatile. Despite being called “barns”, they can be used for lots of different things. Whether you need a garage, workshop, or storage space, a pole barn can do the job. They also make great man-caves!

How a Contractor Can Help

A good contractor will be able to install a pole barn with minimal assistance. When you choose the right contractor, you will be able to rest easy that the job is being done right. Plus, you will be able to easily communicate about your build and barn design. This will save you time and also stress.

Get a Quote For Your Project Today

If you are ready to expand your space, then Texas Superior Services is ready to work with you. We can construct pole barns, metal buildings, and other great additions to your property. Contact us today to get a quote on your project.

Inlaw Suites For Rent? How This Home Feature Can Save You Money

Mother-in-law suites are a popular home addition. These suites allow you to give family members some much-needed privacy while also keeping them nearby. However, these suites can have other uses as well. For instance, they can be a great way for your family to bring in extra income. Below, we will share the benefits of creating in-law suites for rent.

What is a Mother-In-Law Suite?

A mother-in-law suite (also known simply as an inlaw suite) is a private living space within another person’s home. They are designed to give everyone in the house both comfort and also privacy. These suites can include lots of different features. However, they usually always include a bedroom and bathroom.

Inlaw Suites For Rent

Mother-in-law suites aren’t just for family members. Lots of people also create inlaw suites for rent. These private spaces are great for renters because they include privacy features. They can also include things like separate entrances and kitchenettes. Space can basically function as its own apartment.

Know Your Options

One of the best things about these suites is that they are completely personalized. You can easily add features to make the space more comfortable and desirable for renters. Walk-in closets, separate living spaces, and trendy design work will all make the suite feel luxurious. It is also important to know that not all inlaw suites are actually suites. Outbuildings like garages can also make great inlaw suites. This is a great option for people who don’t want a home addition.

Residential Construction in Willis, TX

Are you ready to build your dream home addition? Texas Superior Services is here to help. Our expert contractors will help you create the perfect space for your home. Request a quote by clicking the link above. You can also call us to learn more about what we do.

Adding a 3 Season Sunroom to Your Home

Are you looking for an affordable yet beautiful way to remodel your home? A 3 season sunroom might be the right project for you. These sunrooms offer the perfect mix of bright sunlight and also comfortable indoor living. Best of all? They are easier to install- and much more affordable- than 4 season sunrooms. Below, we will explain what these sunrooms are and why you might want one.

What is a 3 Season Sunroom?

A 3 season sunroom is a sunroom without insulation. This means that they are more affordable and easier to install than other sunrooms. This is a great option for people in Texas and other southern states. The name suggests that this room cannot be used in the winter. However, people who live in warmer states often enjoy these spaces all year round.

What Can I Use This Room For?

You can use your sunroom for lots of different things! Most people simply like these spaces as an additional sitting area. However, you can use them as office spaces, playrooms, and more. The new home addition gives you plenty of space to get creative.

Difference Between 3 and 4 Season Sunrooms

Insulation is the main difference between 3 and 4 season sunrooms. 4 season sunrooms tend to be more expensive because they are insulated. They can also take more time to construct. However, they obviously give you better temperature control. Ultimately, both have their benefits. Both can also boost your home value and give your family some much-needed space. Talk to a contractor to help you choose the right type of sunroom for you.

Working With a Renovation Expert

Are you ready for your new sunroom? The Texas Superior Services team can make your renovation dreams a reality. Our experts have helped numerous Texas homeowners create their dream houses. Call us today to learn how we can help you.

Remodeling Projects for a Family Bathroom

A family bathroom can sometimes be the busiest room in the house. In the chaotic morning hours, these bathrooms can feel cramped and uncomfortable. It’s definitely not a pleasant way to start the day! One possible solution? Remodel your bathroom. A bathroom renovation can make the space more functional. Below, we will share some renovation projects that can transform a family bathroom.

Bath and Shower Remodel

A bath or shower remodel is a simple but surprisingly effective way to change your space. If you have small children, then a good bathtub is a must. This will make bath-time easier and also more fun. The whole family can also benefit from a new shower. This is especially helpful if you have older children.

Double Sink Vanities

This is one of the easiest ways to double the functionality of your space. Double sinks mean twice as many people can get ready in the morning. Double sinks also come with double the storage opportunities. Use the extra vanity space to organize all of your bathroom essentials.

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets allow you to build a bathroom that truly fits your family’s needs. You can make sure you have the perfect number of storage spaces. You can also design a place for large or unique items that need to be stored.

Other Storage Solutions

Consider adding hooks, shelves, and other storage solutions to give your family bathroom even more space. You can also create fun storage solutions for kids. This will get little ones involved in the cleaning process and help you keep your space tidy.

Bathroom Renovations Willis, TX

Texas Superior Services is here for all of your construction and remodeling needs. Whether you need a family bathroom makeover or another type of renovation, our team is here to help. Explore our website to learn more about what we do. Ready to get started? Request a quote by clicking the link above.

Do I Need a Residential Catch Basin?

Water damage is one of the most common issues that homeowners face. Water damage is a pain to deal with and can also lead to expensive repairs. A residential catch basin is a great tool for preventing water damage at home. But of course, these systems must be used correctly in order to work their best. Below, we will explain the basics of the catch basin.

What is a Residential Catch Basin?

A catch basin is a container that catches water- as well as everything else. Catch basins are usually installed underground. Their main purpose is to catch debris so that water can flow through your plumbing system. Catch basins help water to flow freely through the waterways beneath your property. This will prevent clogs and other drainage issues down the line.

Do I Need a Catch Basin?

Most of us could benefit from a residential catch basin. However, some people need this product more than the others. The best way to know if you need a catch basin is to evaluate your property. Firstly, check to see if your lawn looks uniform.  Signs you might have a drainage problem include wet patches, dry patches, or sloped portions of your lawn. Excess mold, mildew, insect activity, and/or unpleasant smells are also signs. A plumber or contractor can also help you evaluate the problem.

Maintaining Your Catch Basin

Catch basins need regular maintenance in order to work properly. The most important thing you can do is to check your catch basin’s grates. Then, you can carefully remove debris to keep the basin functional. You can also call a professional to regularly clean your catch basin.

Residential Construction in Willis

Are you struggling with drainage issues? We can help, whether you need a residential catch basin or another type of system. The team at Texas Superior Services will evaluate your property and help you choose the best drainage solution. Learn more by calling us today.

5 Construction Projects For Parking Lot Safety

Is your parking lot a safety risk? This is a problem that many business owners face. However, you might not even know you have this issue! Luckily, a contractor can help you create safe parking lots and surrounding spaces. This will give your employees peace of mind and also improve the look of your overall property. Below are just a few of many construction projects that can boost your business’s safety.

1- Asphalt Repair

Asphalt cracks are unsightly. However, the issue is more than just a cosmetic one. Damaged asphalt can be a safety hazard. Luckily, minor asphalt issues can be solved very quickly. This will restore both the look and also the safety of your parking lot.

2- Sidewalk Construction

Building sidewalks or footpaths is another great way to ensure safety. Parking lots can be very dangerous for pedestrians. Foot traffic can also lead to frustrated drivers and parking lot congestion. Adding a sidewalk will make your building’s entrance more pleasant for everyone.

3- Painting Services

This is a small job that can make a big difference! While we all know paint can spruce things up, we don’t usually think of it as a safety tool. It’s important that your parking lot has clear painted lines. We can do this quickly and easily, saving you stress down the line.

4- Drainage Installation

Standing water in your parking lot is another safety issue. Installing the right drainage tools will help to solve the problem. Ask us about gutters, catch basins and other tools to prevent flooding.

5- Commercial Maintenance Contract

Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your parking lot safe and also clean. This will prevent the need for big repairs in the future. We offer commercial contracts to fit a variety of needs.

Parking Lot Construction in the Houston Area

Ready to transform your parking lot? Call Texas Superior Services! We offer a variety of commercial and also residential services. These can drastically improve the appearance (and also the safety) of your space. Call us today to learn more.


Can I Find Sheetrock Repair Near Me?

Sheetrock is one of the key building blocks of most properties. This substance (also known as drywall) creates the walls that divide your space. It’s important to care for your sheetrock as it is so important to your building. However, damage can affect your sheetrock. If this happens to you, you might be wondering: Can I find sheetrock repair near me? Should I try to fix it myself? We’ll answer these important questions below.

Common Sheetrock Issues

Sheetrock is a durable surface. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be damaged. In fact, sheetrock damage is common because of the simple wear and tear that comes with using a space. Doors and furniture are often knocked against the sheetrock. Water and termite damage are also common threats. Finally, sheetrock sometimes cracks or breaks. This is especially dangerous. If you notice sheetrock cracks, then call a contractor ASAP.

Types of Sheetrock Repair

There are different types of sheetrock repair. Simple patchwork can repair scuffs, scrapes, or nail holes. However, larger issues like cracks might mean you need a sheetrock replacement. Get a professional’s opinion before you choose your repair.

DIY Vs. Professional Repairs

While you can fix some sheetrock issues yourself, other issues will need a professional.  You can use a DIY solution to fix nail holes and other simple patches. However, larger jobs like sheetrock replacement should always be handled by a professional. This is the safest way to get the job done.

Sheetrock Repair Near Me

If you are searching the internet for “sheetrock repair near me,” then you’ve come to the right place. Texas Superior Services can quickly repair sheetrock damage, saving you the stress of attempting a DIY fix. Our contractors work with each client individually, creating custom projects that fit your unique needs. We are based in Willis, but happily see clients all over the Houston area and beyond. Call us today to learn more about what we do.

Concrete Patio Demolition For an Updated Space

Are you looking for a yard makeover? If you have an old or damaged concrete patio, then it might be time to remove it. This is an easy landscaping fix. Patio demolition can give you more yard space. It can also improve your home’s curb appeal. Below, we’ll share what you need to know about concrete patio demolition. Then you can decide if this service is right for you.

Reasons to Remove an Old Patio

There are plenty of reasons to remove an old patio. Firstly, the patio might not fit your home’s style. Some people prefer to replace their patios with landscaping or wooden decks. This can make your home more attractive if you are planning to sell. Other people love their patios but might be dealing with damage. Removing a damaged patio will allow you to rebuild using better techniques. This will give you a high-quality patio that lasts.

Why Demolition?

Demolition gives you a blank slate. It’s a great option whether you are looking to replace your patio or simply want to remove it. However, there are times when demolition isn’t just recommended but is basically necessary. If your patio has severe damage, then a demolition is the only way to go. Severe damage can include large, deep cracks, signs of extreme sinkage, and also spalling.

Should I Attempt a DIY Fix?

This can be tempting. After all, it’s easy to find DIY directions online. However, this is a bad idea. Demolition requires tools that are hard to operate. They can be dangerous if you are not trained to use them. It’s also easy to make mistakes with DIY repairs. Mistakes can cost you even more money in the end. Hiring a pro will save you time, money, and also stress.

Texas Concrete Patio Demolition

Texas Superior Services is here to help with all of your construction needs. If you need a concrete patio demolition, then give us a call. Our contractors will assess your space, give you an honest quote, and complete the job quickly. They will also recommend additional remodeling or construction work to help you meet your design goals. Click the blue link above to request a quote today.