A Romantic & Relaxing Escape Is Just One Step Away!

Valentine’s Day is just one day on your calendar, but you can have more days of relaxation all around the year. Adding in some design touches to turn your boring bathroom into a romantic and relaxing spa-like haven. Here are some tips for you to turn your bathroom into a romantic retreat!

Make It Warm

You can start by choosing warm colors on the wall to a heated floor system. There are several ways to make your bathroom friendly so you can make it look unique. For small bathrooms, try going ahead with warm peach toned colors. It will make the area feel cozy and large. You can also add in warm shaded rugs, curtains, and towels.

Add-In A Free-Standing Tub

What about adding in a free-standing tub. What can be more relaxing than a long tub for you to soak in. You can opt-in for a whirlpool tub if you are looking to have a spa-like feel.

Glow The Space With Some Light To Set The Mood

Add three layers of light to your bathroom as it will help beautify the space.

  • Task lighting will be the first layer. You can use this light to do your routine activities like shaving and makeup.
  • The second layer will be ambient light. You can add a pendant or a chandelier to it.
  • The final layer could be of accent light. This will help highlight the decor and details of the bathroom. You can also install a dimmer to adjust the list as per your desire.

Imagine you have had s hectic day at work, and you get a chance to step into a tub of a warm relaxing bath. It is complemented with dimmed lights. How would it be to unwind after a stressful day?

Their little design touches will help you turn your bathroom into a romantic retreat. Our team of experts at Texas Superior Services Construction are the best at their job, and we look forward to visiting you for a quick consultation. Call us at 281.204.7862.