Remodeling Projects for a Family Bathroom

A family bathroom can sometimes be the busiest room in the house. In the chaotic morning hours, these bathrooms can feel cramped and uncomfortable. It’s definitely not a pleasant way to start the day! One possible solution? Remodel your bathroom. A bathroom renovation can make the space more functional. Below, we will share some renovation projects that can transform a family bathroom.

Bath and Shower Remodel

A bath or shower remodel is a simple but surprisingly effective way to change your space. If you have small children, then a good bathtub is a must. This will make bath-time easier and also more fun. The whole family can also benefit from a new shower. This is especially helpful if you have older children.

Double Sink Vanities

This is one of the easiest ways to double the functionality of your space. Double sinks mean twice as many people can get ready in the morning. Double sinks also come with double the storage opportunities. Use the extra vanity space to organize all of your bathroom essentials.

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets allow you to build a bathroom that truly fits your family’s needs. You can make sure you have the perfect number of storage spaces. You can also design a place for large or unique items that need to be stored.

Other Storage Solutions

Consider adding hooks, shelves, and other storage solutions to give your family bathroom even more space. You can also create fun storage solutions for kids. This will get little ones involved in the cleaning process and help you keep your space tidy.

Bathroom Renovations Willis, TX

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Do I Need a Residential Catch Basin?

Water damage is one of the most common issues that homeowners face. Water damage is a pain to deal with and can also lead to expensive repairs. A residential catch basin is a great tool for preventing water damage at home. But of course, these systems must be used correctly in order to work their best. Below, we will explain the basics of the catch basin.

What is a Residential Catch Basin?

A catch basin is a container that catches water- as well as everything else. Catch basins are usually installed underground. Their main purpose is to catch debris so that water can flow through your plumbing system. Catch basins help water to flow freely through the waterways beneath your property. This will prevent clogs and other drainage issues down the line.

Do I Need a Catch Basin?

Most of us could benefit from a residential catch basin. However, some people need this product more than the others. The best way to know if you need a catch basin is to evaluate your property. Firstly, check to see if your lawn looks uniform.  Signs you might have a drainage problem include wet patches, dry patches, or sloped portions of your lawn. Excess mold, mildew, insect activity, and/or unpleasant smells are also signs. A plumber or contractor can also help you evaluate the problem.

Maintaining Your Catch Basin

Catch basins need regular maintenance in order to work properly. The most important thing you can do is to check your catch basin’s grates. Then, you can carefully remove debris to keep the basin functional. You can also call a professional to regularly clean your catch basin.

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